Navigating Thanksgiving Successfully

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to our forefather and all we have in our lives.  It is a time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.  Sure Thanksgiving centers around eating but that doesn’t mean you have to stress about blowing your Peak Performance plan and goals, it just means you need to be aware of your selections and portions.

There are plenty of Peak Performance foods at every Thanksgiving meal (turkey, salad, and low carb veggies) and you just need to identify them and have bigger portions of those foods.  You will also want to  identify the foods that are not on the Peak Performance plan and decide which ones you always look forward to and don’t want to miss and which ones you don’t mind skipping as much this year.  As for the off Peak Performance plan food you have looked forward to all year, do not deprive yourself but don’t go all out either, have a few bites to get the taste but don’t gorge on them.  Get the satisfaction without the consequences.

A couple of tips to assist in your success this year: Slow down when you eat and see if you can identify all the ingredients of each bite.  Use the time that everyone is eating to connect and engage in meaningful conversations.  Drink 8 oz of water prior to the meal.

Also be mindful of your alcohol intake as that can reduce your ability to make good decisions and make it easier to give into your cravings not hunger.  But above all else don’t stress over one meal.  If you are living the Peak Performance way the rest of the month you will have nothing to worry about.  Enjoy!