What are the typical reasons people use a health coach?

Most common reasons clients enlist my help:

  • Weight Loss
  • Blood Pressure
  • Inflammation
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Slow Metabolism
  • Methylation
  • Antioxidant Status
  • Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Low Energy
  • Thyroid, Sex and Stress Hormones

How do I begin to work with you?

Call or email to arrange a time to meet in person or over the phone to discuss your current situation and future goals so a personalized Peak Performance Health Plan can be created to drive the results you want to achieve.

Why do I need a Health Coach?

Just like the best athletes and business leaders in the world you also need the right coaching and strategy to feel and perform at your peak potential.  You haven’t had a health coach before and your results reflect the do-it-yourself approach attempted by many.  I hear over and over from my clients they use me and the Peak Performance System to give them the correct strategy, be held accountable, and learn how they can take the principles and apply them for the rest of their life.  Most have tried one or several of popular diets that may be backed by well know celebrities and lost some weight only to put it back on after they stopped.  With me as your coach you will receive a detailed customized program for you and we will work together throughout the process to refine and adjust as needed to achieve your Peak Performance.  The hands on approach will deliver fast and sustainable results.     

What results can I expect?

We will work with you on setting your goals and design a plan that will fit into your lifestyle and achieve the desired results.  As we progress through the plan adjustments will be made to help keep you on track.  Dramatic results are often achieved within 2 months of starting.

What does the program include?

The customized Peak Performance Health Plan may incorporate elements of nutrition, movement, mindfulness along with shopping lists, recipes, activities and guides.

How long does the program run?

You decide.  Typically clients quickly see results and are actively engaged in the process 3-12 months or until it becomes a natural part of the new you.  But it is entirely up to you how long you want continue on the journey.

How much does it cost?

The investment in you is similar to any coach you may hire for learning, fitness or diet and we teach you the principles you can take away include nutrition, movement, mindfulness and much more….


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